3! 3! 3!

So as promised I will go further in detail about Italy. I will be sharing my 3 favorite meals, my 3 favorite events, and the 3 most important things I learned as a yogi and for my own practice and teaching.  Every morning started with a yoga class and breakfast at the hotel. The afternoon was spent doing site seeing, relaxing, and getting to know the group on a personal level. At 6 pm there was another yoga class followed by a 5 course dinner with the group every night….. Picking favorite foods is probably the biggest challenge I face for this post. Lol…Here we go!

3 Favorite Meals:

– eggplant with tomato mirror and fresh mozzarella and paprika with a cream sauce. This was an easy first choice for me bc as some of you know eggplant is one of my favorite things in the world!

– next would be these amazing spinach raviolis at a place called Aida. They were so thick and fluffy. And rather than being in tomato sauce they were in garlic and oil with fresh tomatoes on top. Talk about so good!!! 

– and the last choice (although trust me everything was amazing!!!!!) Would have to be this zucchini pizza!!!! And I am not ashamed to say I ate that entire pie by myself! It was from a brick oven place that was one of he first original in bolzano (I am currently blanking on the name). But I’ve never even thought to put zucchini on pizza like this before…and as fancy as some of the other things we ate were….sometimes, especially being from Brooklyn and being italian you just want a good piece of the pie….Or in my case…the whole pie 😉

 (And guys don’t even ask me to choose my 3 favorite desserts bc I have such a sweet tooth that it’d be impossible….they were all incredible…and all 4 gelato places we went to were great too lol).

As for my 3 favorite events:

– the hike we “accidentally” took. Along our travels we went to town to walk along the water and eventually have lunch…. We saw some signs that said 70 minute hike this way….now this seemed like an easy idea at the time….but little did we know somewhere along the way we took the much longer 2 and a half hour hike going many more miles than expected….so why was this such a wonderful experience? Well we got to know an amazing girl Liz and her mom Jeanette really well and they were so positive and making jokes along the way that it felt like “we got this”. To top it off the mountain views were breath taking and at any time you wanted to give up if you looked up…you were in disbelief that you were truly in such a beautiful area of the world. I also love hiking so it was great exercise and with amazing company. This was the view guys!

– 2nd favorite was the day my bf and I went to the castle (Castle Runkelstein). I promised him for coming on a yoga retreat with me that I’d do some history stuff for him. The castle was not large at all….in fact it was probably no bigger than the mansions you see in diker heights Brooklyn…but it had a nice history to it and several love stories of art work amoung the walls…. I guess the best part was that we got to go together and he was really enjoying all the old architecture. To top it off we decided to walk back from the castle to the hotel….most of this was extreme uphill hiking but we got to pass these amazing lilac trees and got to see the city of bolzano from all different heights…although we had no water bc we had no idea how difficult the hike was….we really enjoyed each other’s companies and the amazingness of the journey itself. 

– and lastly I truly loved our wine tasting/tour. The wine itself was not my favorite but we just had so many laughs that day as a group. The basement itself was really cool to see the old barrels and just how large these wooden barrels can be. I think they were about 3x my height (not that that is hard to do). But that day in itself was a really fun day. I guess also the nerd in me got to come out as well with my 10 years experience in flavors and fragrances…everyone waited for me to smell it and taste it first so I could give them a great description… I do deff. Love what I do in every “sense” and that is something I am truly grateful for. It was a nice get together and it was only 10am…. Hee hee 😉 

Now the 3 things I learned:

– ROUND THROUGH YOUR UPPER BACK!!!! So important on so many levels. It forces you to engage your core so much more than you realize and for inversions it keeps weight off your head or wrists that could potentially be harmful or injure you. This was always something I knew to do for certain poses…but not in plank or headstand…it made everything much easier.

– SPREAD THE TOES!!!! I think Candace said this every pose…every 5 minutes…and you know what?! It worked! Using those tiny little muscles we don’t realize we have keeps everything engaged…keeps the legs tight, foot flexed, core engaged and man does it really help for balance!!!!!

– and lastly something Candace reminded me of is “yes I can!” As a teacher I always tell my students and encourage them to try challenging poses and reinforcing that they can do anything they set their mind to…but often we are hard on ourselves and we forget that we can too! What you think you create….keep your thoughts positive bc they do become actions…habits…ideas…and our destiny! It was amazing to hear someone you idolize tell you that you have the strength to do these poses…you have the power to get past your fear….that was probably the greatest gift of all that I got in going on this retreat. 

I will be looking into doing another one of her retreats in the following years. It was an amazing experience. We all had a wonderful time and it really taught me so much about myself. I am so thankful I got to share their journey with such an amazing group. Big thanks to the bear for coming with me and loving every second of it….and a biggest thanks of all to Candace for making this happen. Until next time bolzano! Ciao Bella! Namaste. Xo.

4 thoughts on “3! 3! 3!

  1. especially the food portion ❤ and of course our hike

    (Sorry I got excited and accidentally pressed done)

    -lizz gentry (again)


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