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Welcome to Namaste Doing Yoga! My name is Stephanie and I’ve been doing yoga since 2007. It all started with a good friend of mine at Brooklyn College who got her teaching certificate. As one of her first students and a brand new yogi I fell completely in love with yoga and all its benefits. After getting my BS degree in Chemistry in 2011 I moved out to NJ for work. Quite a bold move (literally) at 21 to leave everything you know while battling a ton of health issues and start your life all by yourself. About a year after the move a yoga studio opened up right around the corner from my apartment. The moment I walked in it felt like home. The incredible students and teachers inspired me to get my 200 HR CYT certificate. Here I am on my journey with you and the rest of my students/fellow teachers in hopes to better the lives of everyone I meet. It is such a humbling and wonderful experience to teach at the studio that once welcomed me to my new path ( Stay tuned for updates, videos, how to videos, sequences, photos, tutorials, and a little bit more about my path and why/how I plan to “namaste doing yoga” for the rest of my life. Xoxo my yogis and remember that EVERYONE CAN DO YOGA!


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How do you do it?

This weekend I got my Barre Teacher Training certification from Tula (the same place I did my yoga training). It was absolutely incredible! Megan, the teacher has the best energy I’ve felt in so long and she was so extremely knowledgeable  on the subject between anatomy, injuries, pregnancies, you name it, she know how to … Continue reading How do you do it?

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