Italy was amazing!!!

Woooooow! I cannot believe how great this trip was. The scenery was incredible the yoga was beyond inspiring and informative and the group with us was a so awesome. Everyone was so nice there was no drama all amazing sight seeing, hiking, shopping, etc. I cannot wait to share all the tips and tricks I’ve learned for yoga and just to even build my own practice. Candace said something that I’ve always agreed with is that there is always room to grow in every part of your life. So for you yogis who have your strong practice and think ok this is it… Its not! There’s so much more you can challenge yourself with. 

My private lesson with Candace was probably the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done for myself. I am so thankful and grateful and I will deff go on another one of her retreats in the future.

The food guys. …I can’t even! Breakfast buffett every morning….and I’m not talking just bread and eggs with bacon….no… 5 different fruits, 20 toppings including honeys, chia seeds, dates, granola, preserves…yogurts home made fresh, eggs, 7 types of meat….5 to 6 types of cut up cheeses….croissants, cappuccinos…and that was just breakfast. 5 course dinner every night….. And lunches were all over the town of bolzano Italy while we toured, shopped, hiked, etc. 

I will go into greater details next week. I’m still jet lagged and exhausted but I had to post something! Xo. Namaste

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