My first yoga video!!!!

Hey everybody!!! So my first video is officially up! If you’re stuck in the house due to this Nor’easter storm Stella as I am and you can’t make it out to a yoga class… come check out my first video and do yoga with me!

Now please keep in mind I did not do any editing to this video, nor even cut out me walking onto the screen…. why you may ask??

Well 1st off I just started to learn about video editing programs and I am clueless as to how to do certain things just yet. And 2nd I wanted to make this the video that I can come back to in a month and say wow look at all this progress! The reality of it is… the goal for my videos is not to worry about what I look like or if it’s perfect…. b/c you know what? I’m not! No one is. The truth is in the yoga…. when I even teach my yoga classes sometimes I call hands feet and knees elbows… we all do it. We’re human. So as I pondered trying to figure out how to make the first video the best, I realized… it probably wasn’t going to be the best video ever…. it was going to be me…. and that’s what you as my audience will get to know. Teaching to no one in the room and just a camera was actually more of a struggle than I expected. My heart was racing more than if I had to teach to anyone in person…. feeling like everything had to be perfect and omg what if I say the wrong word or say left and mean right…. I could have re-done it… I could have edited out the beginning or the end… but for now… here I am.

What I hope you will gain from this is a fun practice… a bit of a balance challenge, a bit of a core work out and some confidence in yourself that everyone has flaws and not everything you do has to be so perfect all the time. You don’t have to be so hard on yourself… this is yoga!!! Namaste my yogis! Please comment below and let me know what you think. Keep in mind the next 1 will cut out me walking on and off camera and will have brighter lights. =)


Here is the link to the first video:

5 thoughts on “My first yoga video!!!!

  1. Great video! Super informative. I like it when you showed incorrect form, so I was able to see exactly what was correct and what was incorrect. For the next video, I’d love for you to more often show some more examples of modifications or variations we can try in the different poses. Also, I agree with Kellie’s comment about angles. Can’t wait to see more! ❤


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