Urthbox excitement!

So I’ve been seeing all these ads for urthbox and I decided to order 1 and see what it cane with before just getting a 3 or 6 month membership. Well it’s awesome!!!

I chose the classic box seeing as I am not vegan or gluten free but those options are available for those of you that are and I’m sure they’re just as good!

The first thing that caught my eye was they sent organic MINION animal crackers!!! For those of you that don’t know I have a minion tattooed on my thigh and it was my nickname at work with some friends for a long time. That in itself had me sold lol. But on a serious note….I’m so excited to try all of these things. The great thing about the box is that many of the granola bars protein powders and healthy options or ones that we’re never sure if we should try in the stores for such a high price. By getting a sample of each brand you can then determine what you may want to buy more of at your local stores and what flavors. In a sense I kind of like the element of surprise with the urthbox but let’s face it sometimes it’s hard to find something so specific to our diets that we are crazy about without spending a ton of money. This is such a great way to show people all the things that are out there that we might not even know about.
Last night I tried a brand called True. They were powder packs of different citrus’ and each packet was equivalent to 1 wedge of fruit. I put 1 true orange and 1 true grapefruit in my water and it was delicious!!!!! They sent me about 10 of the fruit packets and several lemonade and limeade combo packets. I’m super excited to try them during the week. It gave me a ton of energy and no artificial products added to anything!!! We can all afford to drink a little more water and get rid of chemical based artificial products.

As the week progresses and I try more of these snacks I will keep you posted on likes and dislikes and why! For those of you curious to try these boxes go to urthbox.com and even check out the smallest box. Enjoy everybody!

Ps Gary bought me the video camera for Valentine’s day and videos have started to be recorded for my yoga sessions! A big thank you to my better half…I may not have come this far with my goals without all your support. Love you bear!!! 

Videos coming pretty soon so get ready!!!!

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