Welcome!! Here’s my story:

Hi everybody! Welcome aboard. This is my first time ever using a blog so bear with me while I figure out how to use this site and make the updates I need to. In the mean time, let me tell you a little bit about my yoga path.

Back in ¬†Brooklyn college (2007) a good friend of mine got me into yoga, however my practice only got extremely serious about 3 years ago. I loved it from all the way back in 2007, but I was an athlete and put more time into pitching softball and shooting hoops only doing yoga 2-3 times a month. So why did my practice get to the point of me going to yoga classes 7-10 times a week?!!? When I moved to NJ I didn’t really know anyone other than my coworkers. They were wonderful people, but most of them had families of their own and were nearly 2x my age; therefore we weren’t exactly spending any time outside of work together. I needed to do something in order to make new friends, learn the good go to places of NJ, and just keep myself busy. I am one of those people who doesn’t like to have too much down time. For a short while I bar-tended for some extra cash and to get to know the neighborhood, some people, etc. As much as I enjoyed the conversations I had with all of my customers and made friends along the way… I never really quite enjoyed it. I don’t drink much myself and to be contributing to something that isn’t really all that good for the body was never really something I got pleasure in; it almost goes against everything I stand for.

The long hours of standing on my feet and few hours of sleep were not doing me any good. Between the stress in my personal life and constantly working, my health started to go down the drain. I kept having stomach pains that were out of control. No matter what I did there was this terrible burning sensation throughout my body… whether I ate healthy, unhealthy, small amounts or large… the pain just got worse and worse. Imagine your worst acid re-flux and multiply by 100. It got to a point where even taking a sip of water was excruciating. I went to over 6 doctors all throughout the NJ and NY area… all of them just kept prescribing me different acid medication and told me I was fine… but I knew I wasn’t. ¬†You know in your gut when something is wrong and this time it was quite literally in my gut that I knew was off. When I’d call the doctors and tell them even with the medication it still hurt they told me to “up the dose”… for how long did they expect me to keep taking these pills with all these terrible side effects… and they weren’t even working. I had gained 15-20 lbs and I wasn’t even eating… I was starving and thirsty… it was awful… and then it got petrifying…

I woke up one morning with bruises all over my abdominal body, almost as if someone took a bat to my ribs. Now clearly, I’d remember something like that…. I was horrified. Rushing to the doctor immediately they did over $30,000 worth of tests. Finally finding a doctor that listened to me, he found a hiatal hernia.The term hernia is not really a good name for it, b/c it is actually a hole in your esophagus, forcing your stomach to rise up into the hole and block any food from going down. To top it off mine had gotten so infected that I had internal bleeding behind my kidneys that needed to be drained. It had gone undetected and gotten worse from all the medication these other doctors put me on that it cause all that blood to fill up, causing my spleen to actually be popping out and appear swollen. Luckily this doctor found everything….however, this is not something that ever goes away, so between complete change of diet, exercise, and paying close attention to your body you can keep it from getting inflamed and infected. While all of this was going on a new studio Jinga Yoga was opening up right around the corner from me…. this was my sign. Sometimes we do things and we don’t know why our hearts are telling us we need to do this, but you learn the reason later. Ironically my dr informed me that having an extremely strong core was really important to this health issue… he suggested Pilates and/or yoga. Heading into the studio, I felt this warm sensation up and down my body… this beautiful feeling of peace. It had been so long since I actually did anything for myself and took time for me to really heal myself in every way possible. The teachers were so encouraging and from there on out, I knew this was for me. That studio became my second home. I started going 2x a day when I could, learning every pose possible. My stomach finally felt good again… I was hungry and able to eat. It had been so long since that happened. Not only did I get to do yoga but I was able to work with a health coach and nutritionist to figure out the best possible diet for myself. I started following youtube videos for when I couldn’t make classes, finding Yoga by Candace… and between her, my friend from college, the teachers at jinga (and one other health issue we’ll get to later down the line)…I realized….I NEED to teach… this is my passion, this is my heart and my life.

I did my certification at Tula Yoga in Aberdeen, NJ. It was incredible… the program is out of this world, for any of you yogis out there thinking of doing it, check them out! The friends I made, the knowledge I gained… I am forever grateful. It’s funny because everyone was so nervous to take their final practicum and teach for 30 minutes, and I thought I would be too… but it didn’t feel weird or out of place… in fact it felt like the thing I was missing in my life… that’s why we all should do what we love best… when we enjoy what we do we can so much better help the lives of others and ourselves.

Now that I am certified and have been teaching for about a year and a half I am getting my certificate to become a health coach…. at this point I don’t think you’ll be questioning why that is, lol. After that I will be going for an accelerated Masters of Science in Nutrition. Although I love my chemistry job now… there is a bigger path out there for me and when the time is right I will get there. For now it is a long journey of learning, growing, and helping everyone that comes into my life.

Every day is an opportunity to better yourself… take some time right now to close your eyes and listen to your breath. Bring one hand to your belly and one hand to your heart. Feel your breath…. inhaling fully and exhaling completely…. stay there for as long as you need to… this is where your passion comes from. Listen to it.

Namaste my yogis!! Can’t wait to start posting videos and photos!

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